Welcome to C L C World

Fire Vox

Fire Vox is an open source, freely available talking browser extension for the Firefox web browser. Think of it as a screen reader that is designed especially for Firefox. Fire Vox is especially useful for the visually impaired or for web developers who need to test their web pages for accessibility.

CLiCk, Speak

CLiCk, Speak is designed for sighted users who want text-to-speech functionality. It doesn't identify elements or announce events - two features that are very important for visually impaired users but very annoying for sighted users. It also has a simplified, mouse driven interface that is designed to be easy for users familiar with point-and-click graphical user interfaces. CLiCk, Speak can also be very helpful for people trying to learn a foreign language.

CLC Video Games

Interested in "mem", "CLiCkin 2 Da BeaT", and other user-customizable video games for the Android platform? Visit the video games section to learn more.

CLC Laboratory of Coolness

Side projects, geeky developerish type stuff, and pretty much anything else that doesn't belong on either the Fire Vox or CLiCk, Speak pages.

About CLC World

Want to learn about the history of CLC World and the people behind it? No? Fine, just go straight to the projects that you're interested in. But this about page will be here when you change your mind.